The Pain of an Orphan

The Pain of an Orphan

When you are Alone,

You want to be at Home.

I am always alone and I don’t have a home.

                People tease me and taunt me,

                I cry in pain and agony.

                I have spent days without food and nights without a room.

My body is scratched by the biting of the dog,

My heart is crying by the threats of the rich.

I this world I am all alone, with no parents or home.

                Humans..Ah! Are thousands in this world?

                But with me not a single soul.

How could you know the pain of an orphan?

Who is helpless like a man, without an organ?

I want love and help and goodness at heart.

I want mother and father who just won’t part.

                Oh God! Please forgive me for all my sins in the past,

                But don’t deny me for my wish at this hour.

I am an orphan and ‘am alone.

I crave for love and a sweet home.

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