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Better Living Through Inspiration

Every work of art, every change in the world is the result of a moment’s inspiration. Better living through inspiration and encouragement can be achieved if we indulge in the habit of choosing the right words. A few encouraging words have such strong power in them to make one work towards their goal and when it comes from someone special it does all the wonder. Encouraging words can come from a family member, friend or most important your mentor. It makes one understand that they are believed. Just a few words, and with that history can be created, brings out a change in a person, in the thinking of society or in bringing about a better change in the world.


The reason I wanted to tell you about inspiring others is that I feel that we all have powers……Super-Powers, we are quite unaware of. The magic those encouraging words can create in somebody’s life is so gratifying. Make it a practice to give compliments or to inspire someone every day, apart from family and friends. They can be as simple as:-

  • Your smile is beautiful
  • You look stunning
  • We believe in your capability
  • One strong fighter you are
  • You can achieve anything you want
  • You are very strong
  • This world a better place with people like you

Motivation builds up hope, anticipation, and expectation towards life. Few encouraging and motivating phrases from you can help someone regain their once lost confidence, it gives them hope. Your inspiring words can build assurance, give support, and put together an otherwise shattering person. Encouraging and Inspiring Words to generate magic, the unexplained delight; the pleasure to do more; the feeling of capability, buoyancy, and cheerfulness. It buds the much-needed change, gives shape to our wishes and desires.

At the Same Time…

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, sometimes wrong blame or bad words can bring out a revolt in a person. On the other hand, if we criticize put unnecessary blame, it can evoke the feeling of revenge, repulsion, and depression. Sadness, misery, and hopelessness can engulf the otherwise hardworking, strong-willed and determined person. Words really play a major role in our lives, encouraging or discouraging, the choice is all yours to make. Always remember that these mere words can decide about the direction of the curve on one’s face.

There has to be a beginning to everything ……..sometime, and a stop to all. Words that you use become your action, your reaction, your habit and then build up your character. Choose your words wisely and make someone’s day special.

Sum It Up Building A Better Tomorrow

To sum it up I can only say that it is on Our Fingertips to complement and complete each other. Let us support and inspire the world for a better living.


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