Big Confidence: “Mai Kar Legee – I Will Manage”

I will manage the attitude of a lady after so many years of her marriage and still thinking of doing and achieving something new. Each passing day is like a challenge for a lady, who once was so young, vibrant and full of life person.
Today when she looks back on the past days of her life, she fails to find that girl, who was so good at dancing or singing. Once was the fashion role model of so many in the college or the one who was the youngest achiever in the office. The traveler, who had dreams of globetrotting,
Why can’t a lady manage to do as per her desires? The burden of doing something for others always haunts her day and if decides to do things for her profession or for her satisfaction she is labeled as selfish, disrespectful, and inconsiderate.
Even if she goes to the parlor it is for somebody else, yes! She wants to look good……nothing for herself here…..maybe a PTM coming up or a party with her husband’s colleagues.

Life is full of fun but once a girl is now too tied up in the things for others….her kids, husband, husband’s family. The home which she had to take care of, food, driving, grocery, maids, home works, projects, doctor’s appointments, washing, drying, lunch, sports events of kids, the annual function costumes …..aah! so much on her mind all the time. And she manages it well, without reminders, without the to-do list. How?? Ever wondered has she got superpowers? Or maybe she gets an hour or two extra in her day.
The fact that there is an “S” before the “he” so it makes all the difference. A lady is a born winner who can do many things at one time without complaining. 
A big salute to all the women kind around us. The smile on their face lights up your day. A portion of good food and a special something in the tiffin, just to make your day extra special. She knows how to help you in the office and not to steal the credit at all. The little things she keeps doing without any acknowledgment only for creating happiness and an improved world.

So let’s boost her confidence and give her that niche she is looking for!!


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