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Fearlessly Free

Learn to live a fearless life. a life full of fun, happiness, opportunities, work, passion, and much more. Who are we trying to please?? Fear binds us women in all sorts of boundaries. We all want to be free, fly freely without any fear of losing anything. We fear the questions of society. All imaginary barriers, the thresholds which force us to just stay as a slave as every other woman. We all want to dance in the rain, sing whenever do activities that we like. We don’t want to be judged on how we look or cook, the shape of our body, the clothes we wear, or the way we keep our house. It’s a home, not a hotel.

Don’t let fear stop that real person inside you to create happiness, not just for others but for yourself also. This is the only life we have, make all the difference, TODAY.

There are so many things we fear when we try to do something new, something for ourselves. like losing our image in society; what will the people say or feel about it? opinion of others

Some fearless questions to think about…..

Who are we trying to please? –
people in our house,
our extended family,
our society,
the answer would be so vague. We just need to please ourselves first.

What is stopping us to stand tall and just do our own thing?

Why don’t we speak and put our feelings in front?
Communication is the best policy always. We, women, need to speak up for ourselves for our self-respect.

Why don’t we just priorities our needs and desires?


we women need to understand the difference between our needs and our desires. We always take care of the needs of each and every family member of the house, but there are certain things that we desire, they should be fulfilled for our happiness.

No need to fix everything around all the time. Some things can be done at a later they can wait for a while. Try to please yourself first, bring back that smile on your face that brings sunshine. Say “I Love You” to yourself first thing in the morning. Pamper yourself, treat yourself the best, and then the world would follow. The world bows down in front of the queen. Treat yourself as one and the world would agree.

Learn and Abide

Have confidence, respect, and love yourself. Have the courage to satisfy your needs and desires without any guilt. Don’t try to do some extra things for others out of guilt because you did something for yourself. The most important person in your life should be- yourself. Don’t ever let your passion die down if you are doing chores for your family so you must learn new things each year because we are students of life and are here to learn and evolve as better human beings.


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September 24, 2020 at 8:14 am

Very inspiring and meaning ful bhabi…!! Thanks for sharing😊

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