Hello, Emotions!

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Emotions play a vital role in our lives. A hundred thousand words can sometimes be expressed by few expressions.

Our senses, our words, the tone, all are connected and can express millions of emotions. A warm welcome to all our readers. We are a team of wordsmiths to create a difference in this world, we at Rfingertips create fun articles, discuss general feelings of a growing up individual in all walks of life.

Emotions like: Joy, Surprise, and Empathy encourage us to adopt a mindful and peaceful living. We must be aware of our emotions, it is clearly quoted in our Vedas that “In a clean body resides a clean heart and powerful brain”. If only we all agree on the fact of keeping ourselves clean, then gradually expand our vision and keep our immediate surroundings clean, then our compound, our society, our city, our nation, and the world. You will automatically start to enjoy life, be satisfied and appreciate it as well.

Hope, Inspiration, and Trust build up our working capacity. Whatever one decides to do, one must put in his/ her 100% effort into it. Focus and don’t be distracted is the mantra for one’s success. It would truly maximize your enjoyment once you achieve your goal. Emotions positive or negative; play a vital role in your life, as they make memories which you cherish throughout your lifetime.

Emotions give us strength if we cherish them and make positive use of all our emotions. Even anger and distrust if used and decoded optimistically can reap richer benefits. Learn to Nourish and Nurture your Emotions.


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