The Eight Basic Emotions


 We will talk about these emotions in detail in the upcoming blogs. The prevailing thoughts of mankind, complex experience of consciousness, sensation and behavior reflecting the personal significance of a thing, event, or state of affairs Please feel free to share your thoughts with us so the world can read about the greatest emotions we humans have.

Our thoughts are the connected tectonic plates, basically, building blocks that can be the foundation of more complex emotions

The Eight Vital Emotions (feelings):

  1. Fear – excessive worry, unwanted thoughts, afraid.
  2. Anger – irritation, rage, resentment.
  3. Sadness – disappointment, sorrow, despair, grief.
  4. Joy – delight, elation, laughter, happiness.
  5. Disgust – distaste, strong disapproval, revulsion, something wrong or dirty.
  6. Trust – integrity, commitment, positive emotion, loyalty
  7. Surprise – amused, it can be neutral/moderate, pleasing, horrid, constructive, or depressing.
  8. Anticipation – thankful, pleasure, excitement.

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There are many things that I fear or sometimes feel afraid of. There is lot of confusion. I don’t feel like talking to anyone about this. But if yes i can read about it and solve on my own. Great help.

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