Life A 20-20 match

The new year 2020 was here with many promises of brighter and better future. We all were looking forward for achieving new high. It was supposed to be filled with many untold surprises but instead us numerous shocks, covid 19, untimely deaths, suicide, economic crises, lockdown and what not. Our life has become the cricket match of 2020. Our lifestyle has drastically changed because of covid 19. The second innings has started now. It has left us all with just one thing to achieve ..to be safe and alive. Survival of the fitest and to defeat covid19
The way we are expecting things to turn out led to many disheartening feelings. The more we expected the more is the amount of misery; more so when we don’t meet the desired results. Change your lifestyle, your way of thinking. Live for the day, for the moment and at the same time be safe, sounds tough but we must accept, it is the new normal way of living.

The new normal

Start each day with full enthusiasm, passion and bigger confidence. Always remind yourself that there are many dreams yet to fulfill, many things to achieve, many places to visit, many cuisines to eat, so many smiles to share, many warm hugs to exchange, many more festivals to celebrate, many more jokes to laugh, many more stories to read, many more poems to write.

Lesson Learnt

The growing up generations was less into practice and had developed a more laid back attitude towards many things in life. The technology had taken the place of stories of grandparents and parents, the family time. The quality time actually the time had vanished. The amount of time spent together had become less with each passing day. The closeness became cold, and the warmth had diminished. So the tables turned. Although in a bad way but still this year 2020 has taught many of us to live life in a better way. The new normal way of life.

Future wish

Wishing all a very successful and prosperous life, new beginning & new desires with stronger will power to do things differently and achieve them with newer zest and zeal. We can and we must work together for a better and brighter future.


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