Live Life Queen Size Mock on Womanhood

 The smile she has on her face when she sees you in the crowd at the school function it brings back all her confidence.  She can easily recall all those words you spoke to her to encourage her. “You are the best”; “you rock”; “our princess”; “go win the world”.

The Harsh Reality

But slowly as she grows everything changes and the burden of thoughts engulf you since the world keeps pointing at the way she is groomed by her parents – “speak softly”, “do this”, “dress neatly”, “do that”, “more like this”, “proper posters, style of eating, standing, talking” and what not.

Slowly and gradually she has to face the reality of the mainstream. The flow- too strong for her… Gosh! All her dreams just drain down. Once the princess in her fathers’ home now has to face all the harsh words. She is not allowed to jump or play or be happy because she is not a girl anymore she is married and has become a woman now. She has to dress up accordingly that is – to the taste of other people in the house, she has to eat as others wish, she is not allowed to go and meet friends,  see people, go shopping, or go to a  picnic; else she would be labeled as a wanderer. She is not responsible, does not take interest in her work.

 With time, the girl, the princess of her dad would change herself completely……… but for whom?

Still, no one is happy with her.  She feels as if she is lost. She can’t find herself, doesn’t even brood over the past but what about the present or the future. Why can’t see herself happy anywhere? She wants to keep the happiness alive but is always dragged to misery. She can’t even see her own parents.

Man’s World

Now she understands that she died a long time ago…… the day she married. She wanted to be happy but was sad; she wanted to cook good food but was always let down. She wanted to keep her home happy, neat, clean beautiful but was discouraged.

So accept the truth it is a man’s world. 

Forget Yourself

Forget your childhood, your dolls, your friends, games; books and your interest.

Forget your parents, your sisters, brothers and cousins.

Forget your likes and dislikes your colors, your hobbies.

Forget your style of clothes your bags, your accessories.

Forget yourself!

Start to live as they like it. It is not your life anymore. Gone are the days when you had eyes full of dreams; now left with only duties. Sad! Isn’t it that a girl a female is alive only for a few years or sometimes not even that?

Think about it……….!!!!!!!!!


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September 24, 2020 at 5:09 am

Very nicely articulated.Despite all odds,Women should not give up ever but stand for themselves taking inspiration from those who did .

shelly nagrath
September 24, 2020 at 5:37 am

Very nicely written…it is full of yearnings and pathos and echoes the sentiments of a woman….

September 24, 2020 at 7:01 am

Don’t carry this type of negative image. Change ur self-perception, the belief that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, transforms behavior and lifestyles. You don’t feel like I need to be perfect. In fact, I think it means I need to let people know that I’m not perfect and that’s okay.And enjoy the woman in you.

September 24, 2020 at 4:48 pm

Every word is true …..and bitter reality of this world….. majority females lost their identity after marriage ….society shd not be male dominated..!!
Well defined bhabi👍

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