Normal Cadence or Raucous Voice

What we speak is important but how we speak carries more importance. Voice is the most important tool of us human to put forward our feelings. The most important mode of communication other than writing, reading or our expressions, Importance of Our voice, our tone. Our voice is the jewel of our life. We can even distinguish between each other by the tone of our voice.
pour voice should be melodic soothing effect.
the cadence or raucous note of our voice can either win the hearts of millions or create many enemies. The way we speak builds our image. We can reach our goals, reach to higher levels by keeping a check on our tone. If our tone our pitch is not in our control then it can lead to our failure. To succeed and gain a good position in life, we must tone our voice and be humble with others.
people remember us with our mannerisms and the tone of our voice holds the most importance.

A rich voice with notes of calmness makes your speech more interesting and the audience engrossed. And this is what we want we want people to listen to us, understand us. So the key to earn audience is to speak politely and with confidence. On the other hand harsh, screeching and jarring speech leaves us disturbed. The person with with a rough tone is often disliked by many.

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