Rfingertips Belief

Rfingertips believes that Everything is at our fingertips, from doing things to shaping our future. So get motivated and design your destiny. Our life is connected to our emotions, the way we react and grow in life. Always have a positive attitude towards life.


Rfingertips Vision and Aim

Rfingertips is a blogging website.

Author:  Raashi Sachdev Vohra

Co-author: Harshinee Vohra 

Photographer: Yash Vardhan Vohra.

Wordsmiths who create magic with their words. Glamorous and magnificent pictures for your eyes and your soul. Blogs and poems to feed the inner you and the ways to overcome your emotions and lead a better and happier life. 

Words with a healing touch, to improve your Mental Health. Words are powerful swords that can fight and win any battles.



Start your journey…
Small things lead to bigger and then the biggest. make smaller goals and you would be able to win the world one day. ….. believe in your inner voice and just start the journey.



A woman is full of emotions; smile, laughter, care, love, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, and doesn’t shy in showing it also. She can manage the whole party. At any age, any hour of the day she is ready to conquer the world.



Love a universal language- binds all living beings together. A touch transfers feelings, of care, warmth, understanding, trust, kindness. Feeling so pure & satisfying. To share someone’s pain/sorrow & turn it into a smile.


Our story

Rfingertips: our fingertips.

is a platform for people from all walks of life. people young at heart or old in nature.

Like many success stories, our journey also started with an aim, a vision, and a mission.

AIM: To create mental wellness for children, teens, and  young adults

VISION: The eight basic emotions,  – are the connected tectonic plates of our lives. They drive us and guide us thru the thick and thin of our journey.

MISSION: Everything is on our fingertips and if we decide we can shape our future, our life. Draw your destiny by taming your emotions. 


Strategic Planning

Strategic working on the ideas because we work on feelings and emotions of all so we take extra care in touching the hearts and providing you all with hope and inspiration

Blog Design

Our vision, our mission, and our goal are kept in mind while designing any blog post. It should be reader-friendly and captivating.

Blog Management

Scheduling the post and managing the calendar, brainstorming sessions, content topics, headings, and the right approach is all it takes to manage the wonderful blogs at rfingertips.

Audience magnitude

Feedback from our audience is of the utmost importance to us. Your comments and the demand for the subsequent blog keep us motivated.




July 25, 2020 at 8:35 am

damn amazing articles they are really inspirational and helps us to see our life and live our life from a loving and a caring perspective thank you you have really changed my life a lot.
a big fan of yours!
P.S. pls never stop writing!!!!!!!

September 23, 2020 at 4:13 am

Very interesting articles I enjoy reading your style of inspiring words. Keep writing more.

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