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Self Awareness – Leads To Effective Leadership

Our feelings are the creator of our emotions. The way we behave and perceive things leads to our existence; build up our characteristics, our personality. Self Awareness is how consciously we know about our existence, our behavior, feelings, motives, and desires.  The way we express ourselves is very important because it is through our actions that people around us would recognize us. We can use our brainpower to influence others and be a good leader. When we are able to focus on ourselves, our actions, thoughts, and emotions our Wakefulness takes birth and all darkness that is all the negativity fades away. Our inner voice guides us and directs us to do bigger and better deeds for others. This leads to maturity, our true identity, the real meaning of our existence.

All negative emotions surface due to the materialistic pleasures which we run after.  They make us selfish, self-centered, and egocentric. Everything, in this world we are accumulating, to attain superiority over others. The power to control fellow beings is too powerful and full of ignorance and passion.

To Become Self Aware

  • Study yourself, your actions
  • Keep a Journal
  • Write down your goals and plans
  • Priorities your objectives
  • Take personality tests
  • Ask trusted friends to describe yourself

When we attain awareness of our being, all chains of Ego; I, Me, and Myself break away and emerges a beautiful being with a pure selfless soul.  All doors we keep ourselves locked in of caste, religion, faith, belief, creed, profession, relation, background, social identity, etc. simply disappear. Noble acts of help, care, kindness, and love lead us to the true essence of life, the ultimate success of life and the next.

Once we are aware of our strengths, weakness, personality, preferences, mindfulness, and knowledge; it has a direct impact on how we lead and interact with others.  

Tips To Increase Your Self Awareness And Boost Your Leadership Qualities.

  • Understand your approach
  • Accept criticism
  • Recognize your strength and weakness
  • Unlock brainpower
  • Follow your principles and values
  • Keep a journal
  • Always be well-versed

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