The Eight Basic Emotions – Our Connected Tectonic plates.

Every living being on this earth has lots of feelings towards situations, our surroundings, and towards each other. The primary emotions, we living beings identify are happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, anticipation, trust, and anger. The list of sentiments can be endless as pride, admiration, love, hate, shame, guilt, ego, embarrassment, excitement, and many more.

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 The Eight Vital Emotions (feelings):

  1. Fear – excessive worry, unwanted thoughts, afraid.
  2. Anger – irritation, rage, resentment.
  3. Sadness – disappointment, sorrow, despair, grief.
  4. Joy – delight, elation, laughter, happiness.
  5. Disgust – distaste, strong disapproval, revulsion, something wrong or dirty.
  6. Trust – integrity, commitment, positive emotion, loyalty
  7. Surprise – amused, it can be neutral/moderate, pleasing, horrid, constructive, or depressing.
  8. Anticipation – thankful, pleasure, excitement.
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Happiness is generally the outcome of having a striking existence.  Hope is the prime feature of existence, which gives humankind, a great motive for living. Buoyancy bonds people and they want to get in touch with everyone. Since time immortal, we face difficulty in our life and give it the name of stress. Mental wellbeing is a psychological state combined with anxious coordination and substantial changes connected with opinion, sentiments, considerations, attitude, feelings, conviction, and conduct.  We should build out how to get up when life thumps us down. Psychological wellness alludes to our intellectual conduct, and passionate prosperity – it is about how we think, feel, and carry on. The Supreme sentiment and the very base of this life is LOVE. Rest all; care, kindness, and serving others comes attached with it.

 We will talk about these emotions in detail in the upcoming blogs. The prevailing thoughts of mankind, complex experience of consciousness, sensation, and behavior reflecting the personal significance of a thing, event, or state of affairs Please feel free to share your thoughts with us so the world can read about the greatest emotions we humans have.

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Our thoughts are the connected tectonic plates, basically, building blocks that can be the foundation of more complex emotions


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