Things I don’t like

Things I don’t like, make me itch, make me twitch. 
I make a dirty face or I stare.
I cry or I howl.
I want to run and stay away.
Things I don’t like are very rare
but yes when they are there......
it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,
a feeling so grubby that I want to rush in a hurry.
There are many things in this world which we cannot relate to.
Sometimes people that we meet but hate to.
For the first time such bad vibes, the way some people gibe.
Bad eating habits or plants they have potted.
The way someone is dressed, or is getting blessed .
The manners or tone in which they speak, and even sometimes a person so meek.

To dislike is a very negative emotion and rather a strong one. But self-awareness is the answer to create love and happiness. Change your core belief and the feelings of distaste and hostility would change. Self-improvement and acceptance is the way one can change the feeling of dislike into accepting things as they are. Since we cannot change everything around us learn to acknowledge and change the world into a better place with all the flavors of life.


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