Words of Encouragement

A few words of encouragement can turn someone’s life completely. They help, to achieve all the possible and impossible goals of one’s life. You can smile without feeling guilty or getting embarrassed. “Aim, try and in never ever cry”, should be your motto when setting out your feet to learn something new. Each passing day brings so many challenges in front of us. Each day is a new you, you evolve into a new and better person every day. They make you think and sometimes drag you into deep thoughts. It’s better to make quick and swift decisions because as they say when thoughts get deep, it shakes our decisions. Everything that we want to accomplish and desire is already in us, we only need to recognize it and start working on it. We should never give up on our dreams; you can never put an end to your dreams. They would always be there only to haunt you day in and day out, till you achieve it. Let the fire of doing and achieving be ignited.

Life is a game, kick the ball and GOAL.

Encouragement comes from within, be self-motivator, don’t wait for the world to approve and acknowledge your efforts. Build up your inner strength, your inner voice. With moments of quiet and clarity, it’s easy to go a full day. This is one of the most important things you can do for your mental health. Finding a space for mindfulness helps us both in challenging times and moments of celebration. It allows our minds to come back to who we really are, where we are, and how we are doing.

Repeating a word or phrase has a powerful effect on the mind. Affirmation “You are what you think”. Start the day with praising yourself and others, give compliments, encourage everyone around you. Brush up a positive Aura around you. In the present hyper-active world, it is getting to be increasingly tough to calm our consciousness, and there are many distracting thoughts, that fill the mind with fear, confusion, and restlessness. We are left with less time to do the things we love, the things to recreate our energy because of the things we have to do – our daily chores.   Beware! and don’t let negative thoughts come near you.

One’s existence has significance so long as one contributes and gives importance to the life of others, by being bighearted, giving love, devotion, companionship, and empathy.”


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August 16, 2019 at 1:27 pm

Great work. Your words are very encouraging indeed.

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